Saturday, April 13, 2013

Madera Canyon & Manuels

The desert flowers are about ready to bloom in the Tucson area.  We happened to see this pretty flower along side of the road on the way to Madera Canyon.  It looked a little lonely sitting there by itself.

 The weather was fantastic today and we decided to drive out to
 Madera Canyon just east of Green Valley, AZ.  It's in the Coronado National Forest and is a box canyon with a number of picnic grounds, a campground and some B&Bs along the way.  The farthest you can drive is to a picnic area that is at 5400ft.  It is at the beginning of an 11 mile hiking trail that must be murder.  What do you think, could you handle hiking in an area like the one below?  

See the snow pockets on the mountain side?

Heading down the mountain - Green Valley in the distance.

Wild mountain stream

How would you like this rock in your garden?
We stopped by the Madera Campground to see if there was space for our motor home.  Not only wasn't there space for it in any campsite, but the road leading into the campground had a big dip that would hang up the motor home.  Oh well, there are a lot of other campgrounds out there.  If you have a smaller unit and a lot of blocks to level it, it would be a nice place to spend a few days.

When we are in the Green Valley area we try and stop by Manuel's Mexican restaurant for lunch or dinner.  Gerry ordered the enchilada platter and this is what came out for her dining pleasure.  She couldn't finish it, but did enjoy what she could.

 I ordered the burrito supreme and was very surprised to see how large it was.  It was even more than I could eat and I had to leave a lot on the plate.  However, the Dos XX Amber was great and I managed to drain the glass.

We took our time coming back to the campground and stopped and chatted with Ron K as he was preparing his trailer for when he heads back east in a couple weeks.  Then we were stopped by Dan's father, Ed and he pointed out a bird's nest with two baby humming birds in it.  They were so tiny and the light was fading so Gerry couldn't get a good shot of the nest.  Maybe I will go up there Sunday when the light is better and get a nice shot of the birds.  

That was our exciting day, how was yours?


  1. We went to Green Valley yesterday also, but it was to a birthday party for a good friend. And then we turned around and drove back to AJ. We had a great time but you saw much prettier scenery than we did.

  2. One of the good things about Mannuels is the consistency. Always the same quality and quantity food. Glad we made it down once before we left. Enjoy the nice weather for us.