Sunday, April 21, 2013

We're Back

There are days that we do interesting things and then there are those doctor appointments, dentist appointments, and run of the mill events in our lives.  We had all those the past few days and there hasn't been a lot to blog about that is interesting.  We did return some books to the library today.

We went to Guadalajara Fiesta Grill with Ron K this past week.  He had heard about the place from the many entries in the blog, so we invited him to go there with us.  He loved the place and I think he will be a frequent visitor there.  When we arrived he got to sit in the big boy's chairAs usual we had a great time and hope to get there one more time before we head east. 

Another exciting event was the turning of the odometer on the Saturn to 120,001 miles today.  I was watching for it to turn over to 120,000 miles, but just missed by one mile.  Close, but no cigar.

We had a late luncheon date with Jerry & Suzy today.  They are staying at a campground on the other side of town, so we drove over there to dine with them.  There aren't a number of restaurants on that side of town, so we picked a rustic, local place to meet.  We had been there a couple years ago, but seem to have remembered it in a more favorable light than was the case today.  We did enjoy our meals and the drinks were cold, so that worked out fine.

Gerry, me, Suzy & Jerry at the local watering hole.  We picked a table away from the other patrons, but the place filled up quickly with families, couples, cowboys and everyone else.  It got so loud that we couldn't talk over the din and finally left there for dessert at Jerry & Suzy's motorhome.  They are staying at Justin's Diamond J RV Park and have a nice site with a great view.  We chatted with them for a while and then got a phone call that we had to attend to.  It was great seeing them and hopefully we can join them in Benson this fall for another dinner.  

Linda asked if we were on the road already since we hadn't blogged for a few days.  No, we are still in Tucson and have three medical appointments this week.  Assuming all of them go well, we will be leaving here around May 7th.  There will be a trip to Los Angeles before we leave, but we will drive there in the car.  More on that later.

Some of the cactus flowers are blooming and it won't be long before there are fields of these beautiful flowers.  This group was in the RV park and captured our eye.




  1. Be thankful for the quiet times that you have...I need some quiet days...maybe next weekend?


  2. The cactus are so beautiful this time of year. Do hope your appointments go well.

  3. Larry and Gerry, it was delightful to get together with you again. Seems we've had to miss several chances this season! We did enjoy the food, but the screeching kids were a bit much! I'm sure that's not normal. We're going to try the Desert Museum today, even though the temp is supposed to reach 94. SE Arizona is giving you and us a hot send off this year.

  4. Too bad that your time with Jerry and Suzy was ruined by screeching kids. Dr. appointments are going to keep us here until May 28th. So I will definitely be enjoying AZ's warm weather for awhile.

  5. I was wondering if you had broken your blogger. Glad you're back.