Thursday, April 11, 2013

Please Release Me and Let Me Go & Smuggling

The title of the blog tonight is taken from the song Release Me.  That is what happened to me today after my knee doctor visit.  He said the knee was healing fine and I was good to go.  We discussed having the right knee replaced in November and he gave me some suggestions on what I could do to make it easier next time.  Basically, get the right knee more limber and stronger before the operation.  That will give me something to do over the summer.  Great!

This will be the last blog entry about knees, so those who quit reading about the boring details can now start reading the blog again.  

I was receiving a number of spam messages on the blog and since I've changed it over to not receive anonymous comments, the spam messages have gone away.  It will only be a while before they work around that and find another way to send their spam, but it's nice now to not see the comments.   Also, the number of viewers has decreased as a result of the change, but that is fine with me.

The park continues to lose campers and it's possible to see throughout the park due to the open sites.  We are on a row where many of the people leave their rigs sit all summer long while they return to homes up north or wherever.  It's difficult to see if they are still here, but many of them have left also.

Ron & Dee C are in Missouri and will be home in Illinois sometime on Friday.  They had a good day driving today since the storm was ahead of them.  Al & Sharon are in California and heading for Reno, NV.  They are taking the back way from what I've been able to determine and must be traveling through a beautiful area. 

I have another quiz for those of you who know Gerry.  This photo was taken in 1985 and Gerry was smuggling a VCR into Abidjan after a trip to the US to help Barbara with the arrival of baby Stephanie.  Our VCR was worn out and it was impossible to buy one in Abidjan since everything there was PAL format.  Can you identify Gerry from the photo below?



  1. I see her in the brown...the good looking one with the long legs! I remember how many shows and things we would record to send over to you guys...we sure thought that we were something with our VCR's back then. Our first one was over $600 and had a wired remote but it sure was cool!! Big debate was VCR vs. Beta. Next step was the VCR camera.


  2. Yes i saw her right off.By the way your blog about the knee was not boring.

  3. Don't know you guys well enuf to identify Gerry at that distance, but others already have. Left knee good to go, hurray! Right knee is next. Yahoo! See you Sunday!

  4. Don't know Gerry but I'm sue glad to hear that your knee is good to go. That's the best kind of news.

  5. I believe it would be nearly impossible not to pick out Gerry, even if you didn't know her. Good news with the knee.