Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Last Day at Physical Therapy & Car repair

Today was my last day of physical therapy for the left knee replacement.   They perform status reports for the doctor every few weeks and at the last session, so I had a big test ahead of me.  It was one of the easier sessions since I was able to do all the exercises without much difficulty.  No pain involved today, which was nice.  

One funny exercise that I had to perform was sit on a stool with rollers and scoot around the room going backward and forward.  They have a rug floor so it is a little more difficult than it seems.  I was fine scooting backwards, but forward was another thing.  I could do it, but it was a little difficult.  Thankfully, there aren't too many occasions where I need to do this, so I will be fine.

They measure how level you can get your leg and also how far you can bend it back.  Zero is the best for one test and I was able to get down to 3 degrees.  The other test mark was 130 degrees and I am at 124 degrees, which is good for me.  I will have to continue to work on getting more flexibility, but am progressing along very well for 8 weeks.

I told everyone goodbye until November when I will be getting the right knee replaced.  They are a great group of people and know their jobs very well.

The Saturn rear passenger door has been acting up for a long time and we finally had time to take it in for a much needed repair.  I thought it wouldn't be a difficult job, but it turned out to be a marathon repair.  The first difficult task was to get to the door lock and that took a couple hours.  Of course, they had to replace the lock and it was ordered from Los Angeles and took a couple days to arrive.  The lock came in and they started to put it all back together and that is when they broke a small plastic part about 2 inches long.  That part was ordered from Phoenix and came in today just as I was finishing up with PT.  The two places are about a block apart so that worked out fine.  The 20 minute estimate to put the plastic piece on and finish the job took over 45 minutes.  They finally finished the repair job and it was time to dig down deep in the wallet to bail the car out of hock.  Painful, but necessary.  All is well with the door now.

We had some errands to run downtown and I thought I'd get the car washed while we were there.  The lines at the wash were huge and there were at least 25 cars ahead of us.  Other car washes were just as busy so I guess we will have to wait a day or so to have it sparkle again.  The dust and rain the other night really made the car look like it was abandoned out in the desert.  At least the door opens and closes and it runs fine, so the wash job can wait.

This was free pie night at the Village Inn so we stopped there for dinner.  The meal wasn't anything to brag about, but we got good service and were in and out of there with our free pie in good time.  Needless to say, the pie was devoured about an hour ago and tasted great.  

Our neighbor next to us gets free bagels every so often and when he does he shares some with us.  We will have to freeze some of these since there are so many of them.  I hope they have some rye bagels in the group since they are so good.

We haven't taken any good pictures lately so I thought I'd include this one for your viewing pleasure.  Where do you think it was taken?


That was our exciting day, how was yours?       


  1. Good news on your PT. Sounds like you've been working hard at it. Jim got our truck washed - at least the top layer off so he could see out the windshield. What a mess. That car is so cute - a bbq joint would be a good place to park that one.

  2. When you come out here Sunday, we have a lovely automatic car wash on 4th street as you enter town, and seldom any wait! We'll want to see your door open and close, and the Horeshoe restaurant does not require too much scooting on stools. See you soon.

  3. By the way, neither Suzy nor I ever had to go to 130 on flex. Our surgeons and PTs got us to 120 and were happy with that.

  4. So happy to hear your PT has gone so well. Hard work and pain pays off.
    Will be glad to see you both next fall. Will keep on reading the blog to see where you land first.
    Take it easy and very safe travels.