Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Maryland Rain Tax

As many of you know, Gerry and I lived in Maryland for 50 years and saw it go down the tube very rapidly.  We moved out in 2012 and our only regret is that we didn't move sooner.  I won't go into detail describing all the taxes, rules, and elements that made it highly undesirable as a place to live.

I thought I'd seen it all with the taxation issues, but I was wrong.  Now they have instituted a "Rain Tax" on businesses,  homeowners, churches, non-profit groups and even environmental groups.  BTW  The environmental groups pushed for this "Rain Tax" and then tried to get an exemption and not pay the tax.  Who would have thought they would do that?   What is next, are they going to charge a fee for trash cans viewable from the street?  

Here is a link to an article regarding this tax.  Unbelievable!!

Maryland Rain Tax - No Joke  

The state also imposed an additional tax on those making over $1mil and as a result collected less tax money from this group.  We do live in a mobile society and it's easy to move to another legal domicle. 

In case you don't know it, Maryland is called: "The Free State".  I wonder what the "Free" stands for now?    


  1. As my grandfather once said when he saw and heard a transistor radio for the first time. Now I've heard it all.

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