Friday, April 5, 2013

New Addition To Family & Tax Time

I received an email the other night with a picture of Charlie, the newest addition to the family.  My niece, Shelly gave birth to Charlie Noell on April 3, 2013.  Charlie has two teenage sisters that I am sure will "mother" her and are excited to have a baby sister.  Congratulations Shelly & Deveron on your new arrival.  I already added her to the genealogy files.  She is a beautiful baby and takes after her mother for the good looks.  Sorry Deveron.

Deveron & Shelly

Today was a painful day for me since it was time to prepare our taxes for 2012.  I can remember when I prepared our taxes by hand and it took about an hour using an adding machine and a pencil.  Now I use Turbo Tax since it is impossible to prepare our taxes without it.  It still is painful to prepare them and I hate the job.  Once I filled them out, checked what I could and then e-filed the Federal return. Gerry found a transposition error on one entry.  I reversed the 9 & 0, resulting in an $81 error in our favor.  I guess they will catch it and then send me a letter telling me I owe an additional amount.   Or, they may arrest me and send me to jail.  Not likely.

After all the tax work I needed a beer and to get out of the motor home.  I couldn't leave right away since a new arrival took about 45 minutes to park their 5th wheel unit next to us.  They sure did have some troubles with that.  

We headed for Saguaro Corner to enjoy the outside atmosphere and cold drinks.  I think everyone on the east side had the same idea since the parking lot was full, even with double parking and parking in the desert on the side of the road.  What a mob scene.  We decided against waiting there for a seat and having to walk through the desert, so kept on driving.

We wound up having dinner at The Settlement down the road.  It is a steak house with a real cowboy flavor.  The food was good, drinks cold, service so so and they neglected to tell Gerry about the 1/2 price drinks for ladies all day on the first Friday of the month.  They shouldn't have done that since it ruined the mood of the place for us. They did have a cowboy singing and playing his guitar during the dinner hours.  He did a good job and wasn't so loud as to drown out conversation.

I did manage to eat all three meals out today.  Breakfast with Ron C, Subway for lunch and The Settlement for dinner.  I think that is a first for me while we've been in Tucson for the winter.  Eating in the hospital doesn't count in the above.  Now I have to exercise even more to get rid of these calories.

The end. 



  1. Love the picture of the steer leaving--"the end"

  2. I agree with your comments on turbo tax...what if they don't catch your error until 3 years down the road then add $500 worth of penalties...just saying. We owed Federal and had a refund from state for a net difference of $14!


  3. love the picture of Charlie--She's beautiful! Congrats!!
    This is the 3rd attempt to send this, so it's short and sweet this time, I'm not writing everything else!