Saturday, April 27, 2013

Packing out

We've picked a date for leaving Tucson after being here for 6 months almost exactly.  We hadn't planned on staying here this long, but circumstances have dictated otherwise.  All our doctors appointments but one are finished and we don't expect any surprises with this one.  The big day is May 1st and we will be heading east and taking our time getting back to our cabin.

We have been putting stuff away in the bins and nooks and crannies of the motorhome the last few days.  Drawing down of the frozen food is another chore to be finished before we leave.  The oldest stuff is being used up and getting the fridg ready for some fresh frozen foods.  Fresh and frozen don't seem to go together, but some items we still have date back to September.

We have items all over the place and consolidating them is the first order of business.  It's hard to believe how much effort goes into getting ready to hit the road after sitting in one spot for 6 months. 

The weather forecast has the dreaded 100 degrees in it for next week, so it looks like it's time to leave.  Yes, it is a dry heat, but it is heat and uncomfortable.  We lived in West Africa and temps like that weren't uncommon, plus it was humid.  Thank God we had air conditioning in the house, car and workplace.

Hopefully there will be some interesting places to visit and write about in the next couple months.  Stay tuned.



  1. I know what you mean about getting stuff put away after sitting for so long. But we have another month to go before we can leave. Dr. appts, of course. Looking forward to your journey east. Be safe.

  2. Good to hear. Did you cxl the LA trip? See you in Concord soon.


  3. That was a quick one. Looks like we'll both be traveling east at the same time. We're leaving Thursday. Have a safe trip and if you're in our area, stop in.