Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Settlement Pt 2 & Free Lunch

We needed to pick up some interior halogen lights for the motor home today and went to La Mesa RV to pick them up.  La Mesa gives out a free lunch, so we called Ron K and asked if he wanted to join us.  Free lunch, you bet I want to take advantage of that.  They had a nice tuna melt, brownies, chips and a salad for the lunch.  It was a nice meal and we all enjoyed it.

After lunch we went to their parts department to pick up the bulbs and the lady remembered Gerry from the last time she bought bulbs there.  We cleaned her out the last time and it happened again today.  She had 5 of them left and we took them all.  They say halogen lights all last about the same length of time and that seems to be the case with ours.  We have 6 more lights out and most likely more in the next month or so.

While we were in the parts department, Ron K was checking out LaMesa's inventory of toy haulers.  They didn't have anything that was of interest to him this time.  However, when we drove across the street we went to the toy hauler area of new units.  One of those caught Ron's eye.  What do you think, Ron?

We stopped by Camping World to pick up a few things, but found out our Camping World membership had run out.  It seems every time we want to buy something there our card is out of date.  We didn't renew the card and won't unless we have something expensive to buy there.  

We came back to the motorhome and then decided to go out for dinner.  The first Friday of April we went to The Settlement steak house and weren't pleased with the service.  Gerry decided to call the restaurant and voice her displeasure with the service.  The call went to voice mail and the manager called back the next day.  After she explained what made her unhappy, he agreed that it was uncalled for and sent her a letter with a big discount for our next meal there.  Tonight was the night.

As it turned out, all you can eat ribs was the special tonight and Gerry loves ribs.  That gal sure can put away some ribs.  I had a sandwich and snuck a few of the ribs off her plate.  We were very happy with the service and the quality of the food.  Gerry said the ribs were excellent and we will return again in the fall when we come back to Tucson.

We chatted with the manager and the bar manager after the meal and affirmed that we were happy with the meal and service.  The bar manager was a nice young lady and looked too young to be the manager.  I must be getting old.  The pictures below were the manager, bar manager and our waiter, plus outside shots of the restaurant.  If you are in the Vail, AZ area and want a nice meal, check out The Settlement on Old Spanish Trail.

It was another windy day in Tucson with gusts around 30mph; however, the temps were around 88 degrees.  Later in the evening it was down around the high 70s and beautiful outside.  If this was typical weather year around for Tucson, we would move out here.

That was our day, how was yours?     


  1. That restaurant just went on my list. Someday we're going to spend a week or so in Tucson and do some exploring. Jim went fishing and I read and took care of the girls. That was our day. Real exciting.