Monday, April 15, 2013

Casino Del Sol

Gerry has been wanting to go to a casino since we arrived in Tucson in November, but events out of our control kept her from doing this until today.  We had a change of plans concerning a doctor appointment and the afternoon was freed up.  

We've been going to the Desert Diamond Casino since it is closer, so I decided to drive the extra few miles this time and visit Casino Del Sol.  The casino is newer than DD and is one of the better Indian casinos we have explored.  Gerry got there and found a machine she liked and claimed it as her own for 3 hours or more.  I took a book along and read 120 pages while sitting in the bar lounge in a comfortable chair.  

Gerry managed to play the machines that long and only spent $10 doing one of her favorite things, playing the slots.  She managed to more than double her initial money, but really enjoys playing and if she wins, that is a bonus.  I like to play to win and play for larger stakes, so my money doesn't last nearly as long.  

It was getting late and I was getting hungry, so we decided to try the buffet at the casino.  Their desserts were the hits of our choices.  We both enjoyed the afternoon and will try and make it to Desert Diamond before we leave.  Maybe one of us will hit the jackpot.

We heard about the bombing at the Boston Marathon and the cowardly people who planted the bombs.  It's too early to know who was responsible, but I am sure they will track down the culprits.  Then we should give them a fair trail and hang them the next day.  Send out a message loud and clear, but I don't think this Administration has the guts to do this.  We shall see.  It does appear that security wasn't that good at the finish line, but that is an early observation. 

It was a little windy today, however it was one of the nicest days this year in Tucson.  We came back from the casino with the windows on the car down and we felt like we could just drive and drive.  Beautiful weather day out here.  Of course the hot weather will be arriving in a couple weeks and I can't brag about the nice weather.  We should be out of here by then and facing West Texas weather.  Hope we can break the string of getting caught in a hailstorm there like the past two years.

Our friends Jerry & Suzy are going through a tough time now with health problems.  See their blog at: Jerry & Suzy Life on Wheels   Hang in there Suzy and get well soon.

Al & Sharon are in Redding, CA and will be there for a week resting up after their mountain driving from Carson City, NV to Redding.  They took back roads as much as possible and gave the truck and 5th wheel a real workout.  Have fun guys.


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  1. I'm not a real gambler but I do like to put in my $20, lose it and then wander around. Next time I'll take a book like you did. Sure hope Suzy is feeling much better today.