Sunday, April 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Barbara & Knee Update

Our first child, Barbara, was born on April 7th, 55 years ago.  It doesn't seem possible that we have a daughter that age, but we do.  She and her family live in NC and we will be talking to her on her special day, but I wanted to be the first one to wish her Happy Birthday.  Mom and I hope you have a great day and an even better upcoming year.  We love you.

Barbara, Queen for a Day

 It's been two months since my knee replacement and I'm happy to say my recovery is progressing very nicely.  I gave up the cane a couple weeks ago and the pain in the knee is gone except sometimes at night while lying in bed.  Nothing that I can't manage in the pain department.

As a matter of fact, my left knee is much better than the right knee.  The right knee has always been the one that bothers me the most, but the doctor said it would be better to repair the left knee first.  The doctor knows what is best.  I am planning on getting the right knee replaced in late October and then I should be good to go by late December.  Maybe I will even be able to dance on New Year's Eve this year.  Not to Wild Thing or anything like that, but a little faster than the s l o o o o o w dancing I've been doing the last couple years.

If it wasn't for snowbirds stopping for the night, the park would be almost deserted.  There are a number of people who live here year around, so I don't count them.  They mostly keep to themselves and don't participate in many of the functions.  We are looking for a late April departure and we just have to figure out which route to take back to the East Coast.



  1. will you be back home by the end of May-home I mean the cabin?

  2. Hard for you to believe that you have a 55 year old daughter but what about me...I have never slept with a 55 year old before! Of course she seems the same to me any day of the week.


  3. Never slept with a 55 year old before? Have you ever slept with a great grandmother? Larry, we are planning on leaving here April 15, so we have even less time than you do to get everything done. Happy birthday to Barbara! Good neews on your knee.