Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Poco & Mom's & Doctors

We went to our next to last doctor's appointments today and passed with flying colors.  Yesterday was the eye doctor and that went well, also.  One more to go and then we will be free to get out of here.

I hadn't changed my address with Social Security and today was my chance to do so.  There was a SS office on the way to the doctor's office and we stopped on the way back.  The last time I was in a SS office, it was full of Latinos.  That was in Wheaton, MD and today in Tucson there was one Latina and the rest were "Others".  We were in and out of there in 30 minutes, so that was a relief.  The clerk was polite, helpful and efficient.  Who said SS staff didn't care about their jobs?  She was a pleasure to work with.  I got the address changed and we hit the road.

We've heard about and have driven past Poco & Mom's Mexican Restaurant for many years.  They are located in an old Taco Bell restaurant that has been modified greatly.  It is still a "quaint" place, and not exactly posh by any means.  Poco passed away a few years ago and Mom is now retired and living in Silver City, NM.  The restaurant is owned by the wife of Poco & Mom's grandson.  

We weren't too hungry and ordered a burro for me and beef enchilada with sour cream & green chili sauce for Gerry.  They brought out huge dinner plates and the food covered them completely.  Boy was it filling.  I helped Gerry out and took a few bites and hers was great.  My burro was great also, but next time I will order what Gerry had.    We are going to add this place to our must stop restaurants when we are in the Tucson area.

It was around 90 degrees in Tucson today, but there was a breeze and it didn't feel that warm.  6% humidity will fool you into thinking it is cooler than it is.   The wind speed of 7mph was higher than the humidity.  How many areas can claim the above?

Our neighbor is leaving on Sunday and heading back to their home in Erie, PA.  He is worried about the flooding in the midwest since he will be traveling through St. Louis and likes to take the southern bypass.  If the flood stage rises, it could close down that route.  He won't be there until a week from now so he should be in good shape.  With everyone leaving, we may have to turn off the electricity when we leave.

Just another day out here in the desert.     

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  1. If Paco and Mom's is on Kolb we've passed it many times also. Never had the nerve to stop in but since you give it your seal of approval, maybe we'll give it a try the next time we're in Tucson. Lord knows we love Mexican food.