Friday, April 12, 2013

Horse returning to the barn.

I remember hearing the title saying since I was a little child.  At first I didn't understand it, but when I began to ride horses, it became clear what the meaning was.  After you ride a horse for a while and then turn it back toward the barn, it senses this and wants to hurry back.  I've been on a few horses that were very hard to control due to this and I learned to duck once we entered the barn.  

Fast forward a few years and while I don't ride horses any more, I see the same effect with snowbirds heading north.  A big reason for heading south in the winter is to avoid snow, sleet and the cold.  They have that part down pretty well, but returning to home, their horse sense takes over and they have to get back to the barn.  I read a number of blogs and it seems to be a common problem with many snowbirds.  There are numerous blogs out there about them running into terrible weather and forging ahead.  In most cases, if they waited a couple weeks they could travel without all these problems.  Go figure.

I understand that the Canadians have to return before their 6 month visas expire, so they have an excuse.  There are lot of them that leave early also and fight the weather.  So it isn't just a Yankee thing.

Gerry decided to get all dressed up to go to the Post Office to mail some letters and I went along with her for the ride.  She waited patiently by the motorhome for me to get ready and we hit the road to finish the chores.

We finished up early and decided to have a late lunch at a special place.  She likes surprises and I think today's surprise was one for the books.  I opened the wallet wide and took her to an outdoor cafe near the RV park.  What do you think, would you be surprised?

Yep, the Ace Hardware outdoor cafe lunch prepared by the chef.   We enjoyed a nice hotdog and he thru in a sausage link for good measure.  It was too small to sell on a bun, so he made it a gift.  It was a little too spicy for me, so Gerry enjoyed it, also.  See, I do know how to treat a woman.

To top off the day, we went through a car wash to get all the grime off of the car.  It was as dirty as I have ever seen it and so much dirt was on the car that it was affecting our gas mileage.

Now the hard part is to come up with another spectacular day like today on Saturday.  Sunday is taken care of since we will dine with Jerry & Suzy in the afternoon.  Maybe even get in a little geo-caching before the dinner.  

Life is good.     


  1. Cheap!!!!!
    But it does sound good.....

  2. One bad thing about all the physical therapy, apparently, is now you need to go buy smaller clothes! Looking good!!! Keep it up!