Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Last doctor appointment

Gerry went in for her follow up appointment today and passed with flying colors.  She is good to go for 5 years for that segment of health care.  

We had lunch with Ron K at Poco & Mom's, but my burrito wasn't as good as last time.  Gerry enjoyed her meal and said it tasted just like the first time.  Ron wasn't that impressed with the restaurant and I don't think he will be a regular there.

An early start today paid off since we got a lot of tasks finished before it got too hot.  After the lunch we came back to the MH and worked on finishing up all the little things that go into getting an early start tomorrow after being here for several months.  

One task was to work on the MH computer and get it running and up to date.  The computer monitor also serves as a backup camera and that is important to have working properly.  There is a very nice MH GPS program on the computer and I wanted to fix it, also.  The culprit was a loose cable in the back of the computer.  Easy fix, but I will have to take the screen out and secure the cable even better.

The checklist for the oil level, water, tires, etc was performed and all is well there.  The six batteries for the coach are all filled and charged up and working great.  The two batteries for the engine are sealed and either work or they don't.  The coach started easily and I think we are ready to go.

This will be an early to bed night and early to rise so we can get to Las Cruces before the winds pick up in the afternoon.  It's about a 5 hour drive if the winds are light and no dust storms.  We should be there in time for a late lunch and then have time to tour around Las Cruces.  We usually have a good time there, but will be staying at a different campground since the old one doesn't have any sites large enough for us.

It looks like we will be heading into some cold weather in West Texas, which is a big surprise for us.  Usually it's hot and stormy when we pass through that area.  As usual, we will be checking the weather forecast for storms and wind.

We booked our site here for next fall and are shooting for a Nov 1 arrival.  All that is subject to change, of course.

And away we go!       


  1. Safe travels and will be watching the blog. See you next fall.

  2. So great to be on the road again. And with doctor appts behind you for awhile. Next fall we will have to get everybody together and meet in Tucson.