Friday, May 3, 2013

History of Las Cruces Geocaches

Jr, we are having fun.

There is still some cold weather ahead of us and we decided to hang around Las Cruces a little longer.  There was a "wind" event in the area the last few days, but we didn't even notice it in the motor home.  It helps to have a 45ft Prevost RV parked next to you and have it shield you from the wind.   It has been a little dusty, but it cleared up some today.

The owners of the Prevost are traveling to Charlotte, NC for the NASCAR race on Memorial Day.  They are a friendly couple and own a campground in Mapleton, OR.  The campground received excellent reviews in the RVPARKREVIEWS website and the campground webpage is:  Maple Lane RV Park
If you are in their area, check them out.
There is a string of 18 caches just west of Las Cruces under the name of History of Las Cruces and they are named after different events in the past.  For example, 1598, 1849, etc.  They were hidden along a ranch road and were fairly easy to find.  Gerry and I shared searching for them and we completed the finds in less than 1 1/2 hours.  There were also 3 caches that weren't on this list and we picked them up, also.  The Border Patrol agent kept a watchful eye on us during one find, but didn't put us in the hoosegow. 

Retrieving cache with water tower in background.

Las Cruces water tower about 5 miles from cache.

I found it!

Muggles watching us.
Note:  Muggles are those who aren't geocaching but are watching what you are doing.  Some of them check where you were and try and find the geocache after you leave.

Last cache of the day.

One of the exciting parts of searching in the desert during hot weather is the chance of meeting creepy crawlers.  Today was one such day for me when I ran across a 2 1/2 ft long snake that was heading for the same place as I was.  He seemed more determined than I was, so he got the right of way.  I didn't see where he went since my back was turned as I ran down the path.  Yep, ran!  My knee replacement held up very well and I scooted out of there.  

I then tried another approach to the spot where the cache was located and carefully pulled it out of it's hiding place with my walking stick.  It helped that the stick is 4 ft long.   

We finally called it a day and headed back to the MH to clean up and go out to dinner.  One of  our favorite restaurants is located in Las Cruces and we try and eat there at least one time when we are in the area.  It's the Cattle Baron Steak & Seafood Restaurant.  We got there late and the first rush of patrons were beginning to thin out, so we got seated quickly.  They have a very nice choice of steaks, seafood and a great salad bar.  We enjoyed our meals and left there with full tummies.

That was our day, how was yours?


  1. Bill went to college in Las Cruces but they sure didn't have geocaches back then! Next time we stop there we'll have to pick up that string of caches... I think the only ones we've gotten in that area are over in the Mesilla area. A 2.5' snake, huh? A rattler? Makes me think twice before sticking my paws in those nooks and crannies!

  2. Ours was driving from Wikieup, AZ to Las Vegas, NV, over that big high bridge. Hardly noticed going across that big high bridge except that they put up a sign about it. Pretty uneventful day, except we went shopping for some garden decor -- on the fourth day of a three month trip we loaded up all the extra space with metal and pottery!

  3. I was pretty excited about your caches until you mentioned the snake. No thank you. I am such a coward. We bought dog food yesterday. That's how exciting our day was.