Monday, May 20, 2013

Tiffin - Red Bay Day 7 Into the shop

We got up early today and went to the work bay assigned to us.  The guys were waiting for us and once again went over our job list.  Third time we had to do that.  They immediately started work on the slide problem and said it was going to take a while.  It did.  They fixed the slide, door handle, jacks, and a couple other repair items and we got out of there around noon.

Then we had to go back to the service desk and get on the schedule for two more tasks that have to be done.  Both are covered by Tiffin and they highly recommend these upgrades.  They scheduled us for 6:45am for the first job and then put us on a list for the other.  It doesn't look too promising for us to get out of here before Memorial Day since the Tuesday after is the first day we can get in for the work.  I am going to do what I can to get in Friday, but that doesn't look too encouraging.

We sat in the lounge and met three very nice couples and had long chats about retirement, fulltiming and Tiffin motorhomes.  One couple went to order a 43ft Allegro Bus and found out they
could get a 45ft Allegro Bus for the same money.  It is beautiful, but huge.  They are parked next to us and it dwarfs our mh.  

We've been watching the news about Moore, OK and the terrible tornado there today.  Our son and his family lived a few miles south of Moore before they moved to NC a couple years ago.  We were happy to see them move out of tornado alley.  My heart goes out to all those poor people there and can't imagine what they are going to do to get their lives back in order.

That was it for our exciting day.  How was yours?   

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  1. Well, at least some progress has been made. I'll keep fingers and toes crossed that you get in Friday. A 45' mh - no thanks. Getting that into a lot of the campgrounds we stay at wouldn't work. My heart breaks for those folks in OK. Such devestation.