Monday, May 6, 2013

On the road again.

Today was departure day from the Bottomless Lakes State Park.  We took a detour up to Lubbock to see what was there and then continued on down to Abilene.  

Not much to see other than large irrigation wheels, oil wells and wind turbines.  One wind turbine field near Sweetwater, TX had hundreds of turbines spinning as we drove by.  I can't imagine how much electricity they were generating.

We drove 325 miles and for about half of those miles a light rain fell.  They need a much heavier rain for a week or so to break the drought out here.  The drought is entering it's 3rd year and is taking it's toll out in southern New Mexico and west Texas.  

We did drive through Caprock and Gerry missed it since she turned her head away at the critical time when we passed the one house and a small business.   I wonder how places like that actually are named as towns and placed on maps.

That was it for us, what did you do?    

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  1. Our day was fun. Am stocking up on fabric to bring to Tucson next fall as it is so expensive out there and we have a place here where it is much cheaper. That was my day.
    Happy travels to you both.