Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tiffin - Red Bay, AL Day 2

Well, I wish I could say we are making progress here, but that wouldn't be the case.  We are still down the list waiting for service and it most likely will be next week before we get in for service.  It all depends on how fast the people ahead of us get their RVs repaired.  They told us it could take up to three weeks, but probably it wouldn't be that long.

We didn't want to see all the sights here in Red Bay yesterday so we saved grocery shopping for today.  As expected, the prices in these small stores don't compare to Fry's in Tucson.  No problem, we have the frig stocked very good and other foodstuff is in the bins.    We won't starve.

Now, we may get dry before this is over since Red Bay is in a dry county.  No beer, wine, hard stuff is available for sale here.  Once again, we are well stocked and will survive this calamity, also.

I did change out the windshield wipers on the Saturn today.  One was broken and the other didn't work that well.  It wasn't a problem in Arizona since we didn't have to use them for the last three months.  It's a little different out here and they are calling for thunderstorms the next few days.

We tried to call grandson Grant yesterday to wish him happy birthday, but he picked a Japanese restaurant for his birthday dinner and then stopped to shop a little on the way back, so we missed him.  A message was left and he called us today and we had a real nice chat with him.  He informed us that he wanted to go to New York state for his trip with us this summer.  It should be fun and we can introduce him to a new state.  

Grant last summer
 That's about everything exciting that is going on around here.  Hope you all are living a more exciting life.   


  1. Not sure you'll be able to handle all that excitement.

  2. Well at least you left Texas before the storms! Good luck with the repairs.