Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Swamp John's & Slide Repair

We were out of bed around 5:20 am this morning in preparation to drive the motor home to the repair bay here at the Tiffin Service centerThe call came in yesterday and we had enough lead time to prepare for the ordeal.  (getting up that early).

Off we went to the assigned repair bay for the morning's work and we actually arrived early for our 6:45 am appointment.  Of course, the bay doors were closed and I had to sit in the lane waiting for them to be ready for us.  Finally, Gerry went inside the building and asked them if they were ready.  Yep said the worker as he sat there eating his breakfast.  He opened the door and I pulled the MH into the space.  

We should have figured this out, but even if we had, we couldn't really do anything about it.  They said to open the front slides and then take all the stuff out of the cabinets on the slide they were going to repair.  WHAT!  Take it all out and place it on the other side of the MH.  A little lead time on this would have been appreciated, but wasn't volunteered.  Not surprising.

We spent the next 20 minutes or so taking all the stuff out and placing it on the floor, sofa & the sink area.  At least we kept everything in order to make it easier to put it back in the cabinets.  

We finished the task above around 7:30 am and were very hungry since we only had coffee for breakfast before going to the repair bay.  The workers all said how great Swamp John's restaurant was for all meals.  Off we went to find the place and I am glad we had a recommendation for the place, otherwise we most likely would not have stopped there.  It was quite rustic and full of locals, so that told us the food must be good.  

Gerry ordered the breakfast buffet and I had a huge omelet.  Neither of us could finish our meals and brought the leftovers back to the motor home.  The food was good and we will go back for their lunch or dinner depending how long we will be here.

Since we had leftovers, we headed back to the motorhome to put them in the refrigerator.  This is the sight we saw when we got back to the repair bay.

Drivers side slide.

How do you like the open look?

Putting slide back in place.

Cause of the repair.  One rotten board.
All of the above repairs were on Tiffin's dime, so that helps ease the pain somewhat.  The problem was the floor on the slide had let water in and rot the wood.  It took four technicians four hours to make the repair and get us back on the road; the road back to our campsite and then wait for the next repair.   When that will be is up in the air.

Of course, the 20 minutes it took to remove the stuff from the cabinets took hours to put back.  We decided to go through everything and cull out some items we don't need or use anymore.  We managed to free up some space and organize the cabinets better.  It's been a year since we dealt with all the stuff in the cabinets.  It was almost a year ago that we transferred the stuff from our old motorhome.  

There is a local Mexican restaurant in Red Bay and we tried it out for dinner this evening.  After having so many great Mexican restaurants in Tucson, this one didn't measure up.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained though.   


  1. So we're your neighbor at Camp Red Bay! Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog. We've been through some of the repairs you're now having done, on our previous Phaeton, a 2008 36'. We'll have to catch each other on walks or in the building and have a chat! Our turn to get up early is tomorrow, Wed. We'll be going to bay #3 at 6:45.

  2. It looks so weird to see that slide sitting off to the side like that. One down - how many to go?

  3. Great pictures of the slide work! When you look at all the tools, lifting machines and help they have I guess 4 hours is right. It would have taken us 4 hours to decide which screws to take out. It appears the repairs are going pretty quickly so that is good. I don't know if you remember Benvenue Grill in Rocky Mount but it was an old half falling down house that had the best food in town. I'm like you and won't venture in to a place like that unless someone tells me about it but I am always glad I did once I do try them out. Makes me hungry thinking about it.

    See you soon.


  4. They removed my place at the table. If you didn't want me to eat there anymore you should have just said something. You didn't have to take it out.

  5. We were in your neck of the woods in Maryland today--going through to Fl. we are in Winchester West va. for the night. I did think of you both when going through MD. wow Gerry I think you should have put in a big window instead of the side LOL!!!