Wednesday, May 1, 2013

On The Road Again

It was slow going this morning getting ready to hit the road after staying in one spot for 6 months.  We had been working putting things away and checking the motorhome and all those things you have to do to get a 34,000 lb motorhome on the road.  We finished up with all the tasks around 10:30 am and were ready to roll.

Ron K came over to tell us goodbye and it was sad to bid him farewell.  He's a good friend and was a big help on some motorhome problems.  We hope to see him again in November when we return to Tucson for the winter.  He has some plans and it all depends on how things work out for him.  Good luck, Ron.

We finally flew the coop and got on
I-10 east and were about 10 miles down the road when I passed a slow moving motorhome.  When I checked the rear mirror to pull over I noticed the door for the outside tv had come open and it looked like a wing.  I pulled over as soon as I could and we got out and locked the door down.  It has some difficult locks that are always hard to close.  

The tailwind out of the west was a pleasant surprise and I had a difficult time keeping the motorhome under 70mph.  It rides so smoothly that I have to keep checking the speedometer.  I can use cruise control, but there were a number of hills to climb and I don't like to have cruise control on for them.  

It was smooth sailing for a long time and when we passed this sign, it was downhill for us.  No, the picture isn't doctored, it was that brown out there.  The drought has really taken it's toll.

 Then the winds shifted to the northwest and we ran into some of these dust devils along the side of the road.  A couple of them were like mini tornadoes and shook the motorhome really hard.  I avoided the two worst of them and all was well.

Very large dust devil

Continental Divide Trading Post
 The Rio Grande River near Las Cruces is not so grand or even a river at this time.  A person could jump across the river and not even get their feet wet.  This is the driest we have ever seen the river in Las Cruces.   It looked kind of sad seeing it so dry and then reading about the floods in the Midwest.  Maybe we should build a water pipeline out here, rather than an oil pipeline.

Rio Grande River

Rio Grande River

We had an easy drive of 260 miles today and will stay in Las Cruces until Saturday.  The weather forecast is for high winds and temps down to 35 degrees on Friday night.  Whew, 98 one day and 35 degrees a couple days later.  They were even calling for snow in the mountains for Friday night. 

The Coachlight RV park is part of the Passport America system and the campsite is $18.75/night for a full hookup.  It isn't the greatest park, but suits our needs for our stay here.  

That was our day, how was yours?  



  1. The weather has been crazy lately...our forecast is to stay in the mid to upper 60's which I think is about 10 degrees cooler then normal. I love it but Barb is ready for hot weather! With the cooler weather and all the rain we have been getting I know I will win yard of the month!

    Travel safe.


  2. The wind is sure carrying on here today. Glad we're not on the road. But it's still going to be in the 90's so a little bit of a cool down for us.