Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tiffin - Red Bay, AL Day 3

Once again we got up early to wait for the service person to come by the motorhome.  As mentioned before, they don't give you a time for coming by so you are captive in your motorhome.  I dropped by the service office to see if they had an idea when they would come to the RV.  The head guy of the unit said we were number 5 on the list today for the estimate of work to be done.  

Sure enough, he came by around 12:30 and we began going down the list of repairs we wanted made.  It looks like the major repairs will be taken care of by Tiffin at no charge.  That was great news for us.  Some of the other minor repairs won't take long so that is great also.  Then he said we would most likely go in for some of the work on Friday.  Wow, that is fine with us.

Now the fly in the ointment showed up.  They have three outstanding recalls and two of them apply to the bus.  Once our other repairs are made they will schedule us to finish the two recall repairs and we may be out of here by the middle of next week.  That would fit into our plans real well.

We heard through the grapevine that they finished the work on 27 units today and most had left the campground.  There are a number of sites available today and it looks like more people will be coming in over the weekend and they start the process all over again.

There were a couple tasks to be taken care of in town and we drove around some to check out Red Bay in more detail.  They have a number of murals painted on the side of buildings in the downtown area.  Two were especially nice and warranted a photo taken.

Red Bay from trains to motorhome.
   I thought Tiffin was the only employer of any size in town and I was wrong.  They have a large dogfood producing plant here by the name of Sunshine Mills, Inc.  You can really smell the dry dogfood as you drive by the factory.

There was also another establishment on main street that at one time must have contributed to the economy.  Now it is just an old worn out building that is taking up space.  Maybe they could make it into a bed & breakfast. 

We are really out away from it all here in Red Bay.  It's a nice town and looks really neat in most places.  It reminds me of my hometown almost 50 years ago.  In fact, they still run the Andy Griffith Show on tv every afternoon.

There was time for us to find one geocache today and it was in Alabama about 100 ft from Mississippi.  Maybe they should have placed the cache on the state line and then we could get credit for two states.



  1. Progress - YES!! I've never heard of Sunshine dog food. Amazing what you can find in these little towns.

  2. Hi! My name is Dora Wallace. I'm always on the internet looking for images that people post of my husbands art. His name is Shawn Wallace and he painted the two murals you posted to this blog. He's a local Alabama artist that recently had a painting in a Smithsonian exhibit! Thank's so much for sharing the murals!