Monday, November 12, 2012

Vail Community Fair

Gerry is a very crafty lady and enjoys touring any craft fair in the area.  The local community of Vail held a very large fair at the Pima County Fairgrounds on Saturday and Gerry decided to walk over and check out the goodies.  She was hesitant to go there since she couldn't buy anything because of no place to store it.

She made two trips there and came back with a couple bags of freebies and purchased a couple goodies.  We now have a years supply of pencils and pens from the fair.  We lose pens about as fast as we acquire them, so that worked out fine.

While she was there I decided to rinse off the motorhome since it's been so dusty and we've had some rain which messed up the wash job.  I wound up making it worse rather than better and had to clean up the mess today.  Now I have to borrow a ladder to get the top part of the motor home where I couldn't reach from the ground.

Al prepared some of his famous chili and we went over there for dinner.  The last time he fixed chili it was so hot that I couldn't hardly eat it.  That was two years ago and I've avoided his chili since then.  He assured me that this chili was milder and I took the chance to see if it was so.  He did a great job this time and I enjoyed the chili.  I just hope he can remember the ingredients next time and duplicate it like he did Saturday.  Al, write it down!

We took it easy today and watched some football and saw a couple nice games.  The NY Giants took it on the chin, which was nice to see since they are in the same division as the Redskins.  

After an afternoon of football we watched our favorite programs on CBS in the evening.  The Amazing Race is heating up and it amazes us how some teams can screw things up so much and still stay in the race.  

The fireplace is running and it's toasty warm in the motor home and it will be down around 30 degrees tonight.  It may be time to turn on the Aqua Hot furnace and see how it works.  As I understand it, we can heat the water with electric or the diesel furnace, so I will try it with the electric tonight.  I hope I read the instructions correctly or it will be chilly around here.  

I hope everyone had a great weekend and has an even better week ahead.      

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