Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pizza & Birthday

A long, long time ago a little baby came into this world and he was named Ronald.  Today was the day he again celebrated his birthday after all these long years have passed by.

Happy Birthday Ron

Dave, the pizza guy came to CCRV with his all you can eat pizza.  I can't figure out how he can make any money with all these senior citizens chowing down.  A bargain and cheap food is the only thing they like better than free.  There was a much larger turnout for the pizza party than I expected.  I suppose many people have already arrived in anticipation of a great Thanksgiving dinner here at the park.

Every year Dave asks if anyone has broken the record for how many pieces of pizza anyone has eaten.  Then he says the record is 15 for a woman and 18 for a man.  The kicker is that they are both retired Canadians.  This always draws a lot of laughs and chuckles even though everyone knows the punch line.  

Since we've been here, the weather has been great and they are calling for more warm weather for the next week or so.  I wish it would stay like this all winter, but know that isn't going to happen.  We'll enjoy it while we have it, though.


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