Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pool Party & Campsite

We are settled into CCRV and have a site in the last row facing west toward Tucson and the mountains in the background.  One of the neighbors has bird feed out and we have a flock of quails in front of the motorhome, plus a number of other birds that I don't know the name.  One bird was on the windshield eating dead insects and then went over to the mirror to admire himself.   I think they may be entertaining to say the least.  The picture below is for you, Linda.

They had a pool party today to welcome back the campers coming in for the winter.  As it turned out, it was a very cloudy day with very little sunshine, but the food and company were great.  They had hotdogs, beans and all the fixings for a nice lunch.  We got there early and got a seat by the edge of the pool and commenced to start conversations with old friends.

Ron, Ron and I almost solved all the problems of the world and then ran out of time before we could finalize everything.  Maybe next time we will have enough time to solve all the problems.  

 Gerry and Susan talked about crafting the whole time from what I could hear and then Dee came over and chatted with them for a while.  Everyone else left and they were putting the chairs away along with all the food and drinks.  I think we overstayed our welcome, but there was only one small girl in the pool, so I don't think it was problem.

I have heard of snail mail before but we witnessed it first hand the last couple weeks.  We had our mail forwarded from Sioux Falls, SD and it finally arrived today after 11 days in transit.  The mail was postmarked November 6th and arrived on November 17.  I hope this is a glitch on the Post Office that won't happen again.  We've had good luck with quick mail service out here and hope they get back on track.  They were talking about closing down a mail processing center here in Tucson and if so, that may be the problem.  I hope not.

There were some interesting college football scores today with many of them looking like basketball scores rather than football.   I guess they have changed the rules so much that offense has the upper hand now in the game.  It is more interesting than watching 7-3 games and 20 or more punts for field position.  Just my opinion. 


  1. Remember when we sent your Christmas gifts a few years ago along with some cookies...they arrived in time for Mother's Day!!


  2. Now I do not have to guess wehre you are I know where. Looks like great weather. We are up here in 40 degree weather, the only good thing is there is not snow.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you both.

    LInda and Sherwin