Thursday, November 22, 2012

Twas the day before Thanksgiving

Gerry went up to the activity hall this morning a little before 10am to help peel and cut up potatoes for the Thanksgiving feast on Thursday.  When she got there the volunteers had almost finished the job and there wasn't a lot for her to do.  The signup sheet clearly stated 10am, but like everything else around here most people show up a lot earlier.  The dinner tomorrow starts at 2pm, but most people will be there up to an hour earlier so they can get seats next to friends.

We had some shopping to do for Thanksgiving and stopped by Fry's, Safeway and Costco, along with Kohl's.  I took advantage of all the stops except for Costco to guard the car and make phone calls to my brother and a couple friends.  They all will be busy on Thanksgiving day with their families and it would be difficult to chat with them with all their company.

Ron & Dee K came over to check out the Allegro Bus and Dee is ready to buy one.  She was surprised how much room there is in the coach as a result of the 4 slides.  We invited them to join us for a piece of Pecan Pie, but Dee had just arrived at the park and was anxious to see her mother who also lives at the park.  

Last night there was a beautiful sunset and we managed to add to our sunset pictures.  They do have some great sunsets out here if it is a somewhat cloudy day.  Check it out.

I just finished watching the Univ of Illinois beat Butler in the championship basketball game at the Maui tournament.  It looks like they may have an outstanding team this year and I hope that the new coach keeps them at the top of their game all season.  I follow the Univ of Maryland where I graduated and Illinois since I grew up there.  It would be great seeing them in the NCAA final against each other.  Long way to go before that will happen, but I can dream, can't I?

Gerry and I wish all our friends and family a very Happy Thanksgiving.  Count your blessing on this special day.



  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you also!

    Hopefully I can survive another holiday season...already dreading and seeing the mess...yuk!!!