Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tucson sunset and ultralight

We had a number of chores to take care of today and were mostly successful in completing all of them.  Nothing exciting, but necessary.

Sharon & Al stopped by for a short visit on their way out to pick up some rocks.  They needed a few to hold down their rug outside of their 5th wheel since they are out in the open and get a lot of wind.  They like the site since it is on the end of the row and they have a clear view of the Santa Rita mountains to the south.

On our way back from the last chores it was sunset and it was a beautiful night.  We managed to find a nice spot to view the sunset and get a couple nice pictures.  Imagine our surprise when an ultralight glider flew right over our heads and landed in a clearing.  It sure does look like a lot of fun if you know what you are doing.  I don't!

The weathermen here are calling for cold weather coming in this weekend.  You would think a blizzard was on the way; however, it will only be down to the low 30s for one night.  We may get some rain since and they need it so badly around here.


  1. Outstanding sunset!!

    Your FSILINC

  2. I do miss seeing those sunsets. Well we have snow on the ground here this am, sure hope it is gone and never to return!!

  3. Don't you just love our desert sunsets! We didn't get out to see it last night, looks spectacular, though.

  4. I agree with FSILINC...

    From your FSINCOAFTM