Saturday, November 3, 2012

Grocery shopping & a Drive Through

We slept in this morning a little since there wasn't anything important on our schedule.  It was my turn to fix breakfast and I prepared my usual fried egg sandwiches.  This time I added some salsa to them and put everything on toast.  They turned out very good and now Gerry will expect them to be fixed like that all the time.  I should have left well enough alone.

Ron K came by to welcome us back to Tucson and we had a very nice visit.  He has been here in town for a while and said it was up to 105 degrees just a week ago.  His trailer only has one a/c, but the trailer is well insulated and he said that was enough to keep it cool.  

I mentioned we had an appointment at Freedom RV to repair a pvc connection that looked like it was split.  He crawled into an outside bay and was able to reach the connection and said it was loose.  He hand tighten the connection and then used channel lock pliers to tighten a little more.  Problem fixed.  There are a lot of advantages to being slender and this was a case for that.  

After Ron left we worked around the unit a little and then headed up to Fry's grocery store to stock up on some much needed supplies.  They were having a good sale and we managed to get out of there with only spending $110 which was less than I thought it would be.  Fry's is redoing the inside of the store, everything has been moved around and we had to walk up and down every aisle to find what we needed.

It seemed that we both felt that prices have gone up a lot since we were here last spring.  Of course, we always think that is the case and in reality they probably haven't gone up that much.  Then it was back to the motorhome and unloading the loot.  Finding space for everything was the next big challenge, but Gerry rose to the occassion and found space for all the goodies.  My job was to find space for a 30 pack of beer outside in the bins.  It was a difficult job, but I rose to the challenge and finished in time to have a cold beer.

We drove through Cactus Country RV campground today to check out our new site.  With the longer motor home and it having 50 amp, we had to change sites.  I really hated to leave the old site, but it just wouldn't work for us this year.  The new site is longer and wider, but it is sloped a little.  I will have to pick up a few boards to help level the motor home rather than depend on the jacks to keep it level.  It should work out fine for us this winter on the site.  It will be nearer to the train tracks, but trains don't bother us.  I've lived near train tracks for most of my life and don't mind the sounds of trains.

Life is about challenges and how you handle them defines who you are.  Not sure about the relevance of the previous line, but it sounds good.  

Good night all.   


  1. I wish my wife would only spend $100 at the grocery store each week! She will have to slow down soon all 3 freezers are full and we are now putting can goods on the counter vs. the pantry! Did you teach her all these bad habits?


  2. Sorry we didn't see you when you were here but it's probably for the better. Not a good day at our place. Still no hot water and probably won't be for quite awhile.