Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Moving Day

We left the Escapee North Ranch campground early this morning and took the back roads to Tucson.  The shortest route takes you through Phoenix and all the suburbs, with all the traffic.  We prefer the backroads if we have time and enjoy seeing what is out there.

Vulture Mine Road was the chosen route today and it reminded me of  Rt 50 in Nevada in the sense that there wasn't any traffic on the road.  We had one car pass us in about 50 miles and not many more coming from the other direction.  As far as seeing the sights, there weren't many other than mountains and Saguaro cactus on the hillside.

We have two GPS systems with us, a Tom Tom and the one in built into the computer in the motorhome.  The Tom Tom said to turn right and the mh GPS said to turn right.  I should have listened to the Tom Tom since we took the wrong turn and went about 12 miles out of our way.  No problem, since as I said earlier we weren't in a hurry.

We finally got on I-10 East near Tonapah and then caught Rt 85 south to Gila Bend.  It is a good road with light traffic and allows you to bypass Phoenix and only go a few miles out of your way.  Then it was on to I-8 and driving through the area where the illegals and drug smugglers make their way north.  It was hot and daylight so we didn't see any of them along the way.

There was a fuel stop at the FlyingJ in Eloy, AZ where we purchased diesel for $3.85/gallon.  The price has been dropping out here from a high of $4.19 a couple weeks ago.  We had about 600 miles on this tank and still had over a half tank of fuel.  I like to travel on the top half of the tank and usually stop around a half tank.

The traffic through Tucson heading east on I-10 was moving very well and we made good time getting to the Pima County Fairgrounds where we will stay for 7 days.  The sites here are narrow and dirt, but the price is right at $100/week for a full hookup 50amp site.  

We drove by Sharon & Al's campsite and I tooted the air horn to let them know we were there.  Sharon doesn't hear too well, but she sure did hear the air horn.  Thankfully there aren't too many people here at the present time so we didn't disturb anyone.  The camp host came over to supervise the parking of the mh, but I told him we didn't need any help.  I don't think that went over too well with him, but it is difficult to have two people directing you into a site and I trust Gerry's instruction more than the camp ground people.

We settled in and had leftovers for dinner and just sat and watched some tv.  Since I have to get up early, we will be in bed shortly.

Guadalarja Cafe is on tap for Happy Hour on Thursday.  

I hope all our friends and relatives back East are safe and not having any problems as a result of Hurricane Sandy.  I surely do feel for those people and wonder what they are going to do about housing and getting their lives back in order.

We didn't have any trick or treaters and that was fine since we didn't have any candy.  It's a lot different from when we lived in Costa Rica and would have between 225-250 trick or treaters there.  It was a madhouse and they brought the children in by the truckload from the poorer section of San Jose.  We would have 10 at a time at the gate shouting "halloween halloween, etc".  What a fun time it was on Halloween down there.  



  1. Glad you made it safely too Tucson. Hope you have a great winter.

  2. We have had a big drop in gas pricing lately also. I paid $3.25 at Lowe's Food yesterday for regular unleaded. They opened a new Quick Trip down the road and it must be driving down the price. The BP by Food Lion was still $3.49. Good luck today.

    Your FSILINC

  3. Sorry if I mislead you about today. We got in this morning but spent the time unpacking and then getting groceries. You know how that is when you get in? That's right, no you don't. You bring your's with you. I remember those days. Hope we can still do happy hour while you're here this time.