Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hotrods Restaurant & Longevity

When we graduated from High School in Illinois, there weren't many job opportunities in the area where we lived.  It was a coal mining and farming community and I didn't own any farm land and couldn't afford to become a farmer.  15 coal mines had closed in the previous 4 years and each mine had 200-300 employees who were out looking for work.  No sense looking there.

We both accepted jobs with the FBI and moved to Washington, DC driving a 1950 Plymouth and pulling an U-haul-it trailer with all our worldy possesions.  We were too young and dumb to be afraid of what was ahead for us, so that wasn't a problem.  One of my fellow employees at the FBI was Millie Parsons.  She had been working there for a long time before I got there and a longer time after I left.  Gerry and Millie were in the same Sorority a number of years later to add to the coincidence. To make a long story short, Millie passed away at 99 yrs of age and she had quite a story.  I am including her obituary which details her life at the FBI.  Read her obituary, it is worth it.

Millie Parsons Obit 

We stopped by and visited with Al today to give him a little help with his computer.  His printer was causing some problems and acting up and I cleared up the problems for him.  We sat around and visited with him for a while and then decided to go out for an early dinner.  

We called our friend Ron K to see if he wanted to go along with us to the Hotrods Restaurant to check it out.  It recently opened a few miles down the road from us and has an actual hotrod garage as part of the restaurant.  The restaurant floor and tables are higher than the garage and are separated by windows so you can see them working on the cars, trucks and motorcycles below.

The meals were huge and fairly priced for what you got.  The food was good, however Gerry's meal was a little cool.  We all agreed it would be a place we will visit again while we are here.

Their webpage is:  Hotrods Restaurant  

Ron K & Larry

It was sunset when we left and it had cooled down quite a lot and it was beautiful outside.  It would have been a nice night to sit outside and enjoy a late happy hour, but we wanted to get back in time to see our favorite TV program, The Amazing Race.  It's difficult being a slave to a tv program.

That was our day, how was yours?


  1. Great day Sunday. Up early, spectacular breakfast, off to Church where we are involved in the liturgical ministry, far too much time grocery shopping. Home to jump into paperwork for the park's Board of Directors, to the park office to do some filing, home for happy hour followed by a bowl of mediocre soup. Up to the park's clubhouse for an ice cream social, home to watch MASH, then bed.

    Got to get to that Hotrod restaurant, and soon.

  2. Jerry, you should have a blog. Wait a minute, you do have a blog. You are the first who answered my question about how was your day. Neat.

    Let us know when you want to try the Hotrod Cafe and we will join you.

  3. Are you sure you went to the same restaurant we did?