Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I was Crowned today

Last September when we were in Illinois a filling fell out of my tooth.  It was a large filling and I was fortunate to have a local dentist put a temporary filling in it for me.  I didn't have time to wait for a crown and the filling held up very well.   I didn't have any problems with the tooth since then.

Earlier this month I broke a different tooth and I went to the 2 hr crown installation dentist.  When he put a crown on my broken tooth, he said I would need the temporary filling repaired.  Today was the day to have a crown put onto the tooth.  Once again, I went through the 2hr job and walked out of there with a new crown but a lot poorer.  I do prefer doing it this way rather than waiting 3-4 weeks for the crown to be made and then installed.  One less time for them to give me the novacane shots.  

The nurse asked if I could give the dentist my xrays from my other dentist(s).  Since we have a dentist in Tucson (2); Albuquerque; Norman, OK; Litchfield, IL; Waynesboro, PA; and Hagerstown, MD, I explained it would be difficult to accumulate all the xrays.  She had a very perplexed look on her face and I explained we were fulltime RVers and moved around a lot.  She had this "trailer trash" look on her face and asked for payment up front.  Just kidding, but she was quite surprised and would have been even more surprised to hear we had another dentist for the 6 years we lived in Costa Rica.

We have a new neighbor two sites down from us and it looks like they may be here for a while.  We haven't talked to them yet, but will welcome them to the neighborhood in the morning.  It was sort of nice having the campsites around us vacant and we should have had a wine and cheese party and invited everyone to the party since we had so much open space.

Once again the temps were in the low 80s and it was beautiful outside with a nice breeze.  Too bad most of it was wasted in the dentist office.  Wednesday is forecasted to be more or less the same and we hope to get out on a mid week excursion.  Bisbee looks like a likely candidate for the trip.  Stay tuned for a trip report.

We hope you all had a nice day and didn't have a dentist appointment.      

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  1. I have a dentist appt. on 12-12, not my greatest place to be for sure. Nope no crowns, just a check up.