Sunday, November 25, 2012

Leftovers & Shots

There was so much food leftover after the Thanksgiving dinner that we took some turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and corn pudding back to the motor home for later.  We decided to heat it up this evening and have it for dinner.  It was just as good this time around as the first time and we managed to add some extras to the meal to fill it out.  

Friday we were running late and picked up a prepared chicken at Fry's grocery store along with a couple sides.  We couldn't finish the chicken so we had it for lunch today.  I really enjoy cold chicken and talked Gerry out of heating it for the meal.  Yumm Good!

We had an interesting time last evening at Costco.  No, not dinner.  We decided to get our Flu shots while we were there and the lady behind the counter said it would only take a few minutes.  Well, that estimate was way off base.   The clerk had trouble entering our medicare information and kept pushing buttons and starting over and over.  Finally after 45 minutes or so I decided that was enough and we walked out of there without our flu shots.

Walgreens was our destination today to get the flu shots and it went very smoothly and we walked out of there after about 15 minutes, good to go for another year.  Just don't poke us in our left arm.

It's been very warm around here since we arrived the first of November.  It's actually been much warmer than usual in Tucson and we really enjoy the nice weather.  I'm not sure what it will do to the water table and plants in the area.  Oh well, it is a desert.

I've gotten some emails asking if I was OK since I haven't blogged for a few days.  I am doing fine, but not doing a lot worth blogging about.  Living fulltime in a motorhome can be the same as living in a house with days that nothing much interesting happens.  I have the choice of boring you even more than I do without anything to blog about or just not writing the blog on those days.  I choose to do the latter.

I did have to air up the bike tires and the air pump wasn't working at the work shed and I had to get Dan to turn on the pump.  While we were waiting for the tank to fill up, he asked about blogging and I told him some of what I know about it.  I'm afraid he may be asking me to teach blogging to those at the campground who want to learn about it.  Oh!  Oh!   
Now it is late in the evening and we will be finishing off some pumpkin pie and a sinfully rich Pecan pie.  Thankfully there isn't a lot of Pecan pie left, so it won't have so many calories.


  1. Leftover Thanksgiving is always good. We have a bunch of turkey still in our fridge, so we're going to have to do something drastic soon. Can hardly wait for Suzy to make her wonderful soup!