Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hotrod Cafe & Snap-on Tools guy

We went to the Hotrods Cafe today to see some of the cars inside and outside of the place.  While we were there we ran into the Snap-on tool guy and chatted with him.  Gerry and I have a running joke about the Snap-on truck following us around all the time since we see them in so many places.  I mentioned this to the guy and he got a good laugh about it and agreed to pose for a picture.  

His territory is all around the area where we spend the winter and includes the Hotrods Cafe.  

There were a number of race cars outside and there was a booth for the local race track which is being refurbished and upgraded.  The old track had ruts in it and was falling apart.  They are shooting for a March 2013 grand reopening.  Maybe we will be able to see a race there before we leave here.  They gave each of us a t-shirt except they only had x-large.  

It looked like the cars had just raced and they didn't have time to fix all the bumps and dents.  They aren't Nascar cars, but look like the old stock cars that I knew when I was younger.

We hung around and checked out the cars and motorcycles and finally decided to  hit the road.  It looked like there was storm brewing and we didn't want to get caught in a downpour.  As it turned out, there was a lot of wind and a few sprinkles, but not much more.  

We stopped by CCRV to let them know we were expecting some mail in the next few days.  Just to make sure they didn't send it back to the sender and we'd have to start all over again.  We stopped to chat with Ron & Dee Cummings about the work being done on their mobile home.  Their water heater leaked and ruined the floor.  They had a restoration group come in and dry it out.  Then they had to repair the floor and walls, plus install a new water heater.  We saw the repair truck beside their unit and were struck by coincidence of the plumber having the same last name as they did.  I wonder if they got a family discount?



  1. We were zipping out of Tucson when the sprinkle started -- no biggie for sure. Tuesday we went by Hotrod, didn't go in, but just wanted to see for sure where it was. Yup, the Snap-on guy's truck was there!

  2. No family discount, in fact I think they had a grudge with their relatives and decided to charge us double. But we're back to normal and ready to enjoy our winter in the southwest lifestyle.