Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Coyote Classic Dog Show

Things are a buzz around here the last couple days with new units coming in and setting up.  When we returned last night there was a 45 ft coach sitting next to us along with a huge SUV.  I chatted with the owner of the unit this morning and he is here for the horse show.  He and his wife are vendors and sell clothes for the riders in the horse show and he sells cowboy hats.  This may be my chance to pick up a nice cowboy hat.

There are also a number of vendors here setting up for the dog show this weekend.  Many RVs have metal cages outside with 3-4 dogs in them.  One sheltie dog was jumping straight up in the air and could have jumped out of the cage if it jumped at an angle.  We had a beautiful sheltie dog named Whiskey and it was a very affectionate dog, but was a little short on the smarts.  He would run around on his chain and actually wear out the chain about every three months.  Even when the chain broke, he would continue to circle as if the chain was holding him back.

Cassie & Whiskey Rex 1977

A number of years ago we started naming all our pets after booze and our children have picked up on it also.  It's a tradition in the family.

 I was looking for some scrap lumber today and stopped by a couple home building sites in the area.  A few years ago we needed some wood for leveling blocks and there were a number of homes being built in the area and it wasn't a problem finding scrap wood.  It was a little more difficult this time since the building industry has slowed down a lot.  A construction foreman said they were building about 50 homes a month now and had a much smaller workforce, but things were picking up.  

BTW:  I did manage to find a couple boards that will fill my needs this time.  Now I just have to cut them to the proper length.  The campsite is on a little slope and I prefer to use the boards to level the MH and then use the jacks to provide stability.  Works for me.

I wanted to check out a building site for a new Walmart going up down the road, but they had a security fence and it looked like they were locked up tighter than a drum.  They were also beyond using lumber for framing or anything like that, so I guess it was just as well I couldn't get in there.

Other than the exciting events above, it was a typical nice sunny and warm day in Tucson.  Cool nights for sleeping and nice days for getting outside.  Love it!  


  1. Love Shelties. Had one named Everet McKinley Dirkson O'Darr. Dirky for short. He didn't like girl dogs so he lived a long life.

  2. Great picture of Hogback Bridge, Rt 12...I need to add it to the bucket list! I want to tell you a story about naming your dog Whiskey. As you know we watched Whiskey when you went to the Ivory Coast and one night he took off in the neighborhood. At the time Chris Estep was living with us and we each got on a bike and drove through the neighborhood yelling whiskey!! Some of our neighbors were very confused...so while we have kept up the tradition becareful if your dog gets out!