Thursday, November 22, 2012

That was quick

We had our annual Thanksgiving dinner at CCRV today and the attendance this year was less than last year.  I think since it was earlier this year many of those who arrive around the end of November waited at home and will be in later.

It was interesting that so much preparation went into the dinner with all the shopping and work involved and the dinner lasted such a short time.  We started the meal around 2PM and by 4PM the hall was almost empty of the diners.  Many people ate quickly and then left to go back to their units.  As usual, Gerry and I were among the last to leave the hall.

It was an excellent dinner and we managed to get more than our fill of turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing, and all the sides.  The dessert table was overflowing and the sides were plentiful.  Nobody went hungry and the talk and chatter was non stop.  We sat with the Rons & Dees.  Yes, two sets of friends with the same first names.  

Some pictures from the day are below.

Our contribution to the feast

A nice table decoration.

Ron, Larry & Ron

Table decorations
   Gerry helped clean up after the dinner and I chatted with Steve, Judy and Paul while she dried dishes and such.  I kept my eye on the TV set and saw that the Redskins were beating up on the Cowboys in the football game.  The Cowboys made an attempt to get back in the game and closed to 7 points at the end.  Sometimes running out the clock can work against you and that seemed to be the case today.  In any case, a win is a win no matter by how many points you win.

 Steve and Judy stopped by the motorhome to see what it looked like and we had a very nice visit with them.  Later Ron & Dee C came by after the end of the football game and joined the 4 of us for a visit.  Some adult beverages were enjoyed by some and we had a steady stream of jokes and conversation until late in the evening.  

We had a number of phone calls today from our children and friends.  It's always nice to talk to them on holidays and remember good times from the past.  We didn't have an opportunity to call our good friend Judy R to wish her a happy birthday.  We didn't forget it, though and hope she enjoyed the double celebration today.  We have a lot to be thankful for our family and good friends.

It was a long day but we enjoyed the company and had a great time.  Now it is time to put this blog to bed for the night and catch up on some much needed sleep.   


  1. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. Well Larry I am up at 4:17 am and off to Joann's to get a much wanted craft table and mate--yep i am crazy to be off on Black Friday to stand in line for 1 1/2 hrs.
    Hope you got rested up.

  2. We passed up our park's T'giving potluck, although it is a chance to socialize and eat WAY too much food. We have been to that potluck once or twice since we first came here, but prefer our own more conservative dinner spread and our own traditions. Besides, being on the Board of Directors is like being the chief turkey at a turkey shoot. Sometimes you gotta duck and cover!

  3. larry tried to make your famous pumpkin pie... however i was told it just wasnt the same! It tasted much better than mine... especially since I dont know how to make a pumpkin pie... you just open the can and pour into a pie crust that you can get on isle 4 right?