Thursday, November 15, 2012

Free Lunch today

Ron K, Gerry and I all had a free lunch today.  It was a moving buffet in that we had to move from station to station in order to receive our food.  It started off with Naked Juice in two different flavors, berry and a puke green colored flavor.  The latter was actually the tastier of the two.

We then moved on to mashed potatoes and turkey gravy.  It was very tasty and we both agreed it was very good and worth trying again.  

Shrimp tempura popped up on the menu and when I went to get our shrimp a woman jumped in front of me and took Gerry's piece of shrimp.  I told her if she was more polite, she could have had the piece without cutting in front of me.  Then she tried to make light of it and I told her I would have expected more from someone her age.  Thankfully, I was larger than she and avoided a fist fight.

Pork tamales and quesadillas and taquitos were next on the food agenda.  I am not a tamale fan, but these were pretty good and I ate my portion quickly.  I didn't have to fight for my portion this time so that was a good thing.

The garlic bread was great and worth having a second helping.  It was buttered on both sides and melted in your mouth.   The French onion soup was delicious and really hit the spot.  Two days in a row having French onion soup made for a great time.

The spiral ham and scalloped potatoes were very tasty, however the potatoes were a little cold, but warm enough to still enjoy.  

We finished off the meal with a very nice garden salad.  It could have used a little more salad dressing, but was ok other than that.  

Ron K was bouncing around trying this and that also and enjoyed his lunch.  I think he liked it enough and will be back there once again in the near future. 

The best part was that it was all free and everything tasted great.  Where was the super place? Well it was Costco and their free samples.  We had so much food that we didn't eat lunch at all other than the samples.  

The temperature was around 83 degrees today for a high with bright sunny skies.   That is why we love it out here so much in the winter -  warm days and cool nights. 

Life is good.         

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