Sunday, November 4, 2012

Football Saturday

Things are very quiet around here at the park.  There is a horse show going on, but we haven't gone over to watch the competition, but may do so on Sunday.  We've seen horse shows here before and I don't understand how they grade the contestants, but the horses sure are pretty.

Gerry had her hair cut today and has it short for the winter.  She gets tired of spending so much time getting it looking perfect every day and thinks this style will be easier to keep up.  I understand how short hair is easier to work with since I don't have much hair on top.

I managed to watch parts of about 5 football games today and am amazed how much scoring goes on in college football.  When they score a combined 100+ points, you wonder where the defense it now.  The kids all seem to be faster and the big huge linemen on defense can't keep up with the faster game. 

I graduated from the Univ of Maryland and they have had an unbelievable run of bad luck at quarterback.  They did very well with their 1st string QB until he was lost for the season and the 2nd string guy did well also.  Then he and the 3rd string quarterback were injured and out for the season in the same game.  No problem.  Bring in the 4th string QB.  He lasted less than one game.  Now they are playing a 5th string QB.  What college team carries 5 QBs??  This season is a wipeout for them.

 Shawn Petty, a freshman linebacker who hadn't been under center since high school, got the start at quarterback for the Terrapins (4-5, 2-3) after the first four quarterbacks on their depth chart were all lost for the season to injury. Petty struggled out of the gate but finished with two touchdown passes, an interception and 115 yards on 9-of-18 passing. Stefon Diggs was the recipient of both Petty touchdown passes for Maryland, which lost its third straight contest.

Not much else going on around here of any interest.  It is still very warm out here with the temps in the high 80s, but it is expected to cool off later in the week.  We love it when the temps are in the 70s and the nights are cool.

We did fill the gas tank on the car at Costco today and the gas was $3.29/gallon.  Hard to believe that it cost that much and it's about the cheapest gas in the area.  It's about twice now what it was 4 years ago and just the same as then, there isn't a shortage of gas.  Someone is making a financial killing on gas sales.   



  1. Well Larry be thankful that you are not here in the east, gas is 3.67 and desal is 4.04.
    the weather this am at 4:26 is 38 degrees. Yes I sure would be happier in tucson.
    Have a great day.

  2. I paid $2.99 this week!!! Yahoo too bad it's already gone :(