Sunday, July 10, 2011

Trees, Electric and a Birthday Celebration

Happy birthday Darlene!  
I am debating about putting your age out here but will hold off for a few days until you get used to being 6_ years old.  Fill in the blank.  For those who don't know Darlene, she is over 50 and holding.

I guess everyone all across the U.S. is feeling the summer heat now.  It sure is hot and humid up here on the mountain and we finally turned the window a/c on in the cabin bedroom.  It cools that area fairly well and a little bit in the main cabin area.  I think we need a larger unit for the living room and once the electrical work is finished we will look into buying another a/c.

The electrician showed up again today and started digging the trench to bury the electric line out to the RV area.  He dug a trench about 8ft long and 8 inches deep and said it was too hot and difficult for him to finish the dig.  His helper will have to finish that part of the work on Tuesday when they return again.  The only remaining work to be finished is one porch light, a 20amp circuit in the kitchen, the RV hookup and the installation of the new electric panel.  If they show up, they should be able to complete the job on Tuesday, but I would imagine that won't happen.  We will have to wait and see how it goes.  Then the County inspector has to OK the work and have West Penn Power hook up the new 200 amp meter.  Poco a poco.

I stopped and talked to a tree cutter yesterday and he said he would come up and see what needs to be done.  Today was the day he showed up with his wife and son and they were ready to start the job.  He works until 4pm and got here around 530pm ready to do the job.  We agreed on a price and he immediately cut down a maple tree that had a couple dead branches on it that were too close to the cabin.  Zoom zoom and the tree was down.  The tree had a beautiful center to it but had been wind damaged and was fractured.  They loaded most of it on the pickup truck and will be back on Tuesday to work on the other 4 trees.  They will not be as easy as this one since they are about 90ft tall with a lot of branches on them.  We will have to move the RV for them to cut three of the trees.  

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