Sunday, July 3, 2011


The electrician showed up today before 2pm as promised and we went over the work we want done to the cabin.  He prepared an estimate and it looked reasonable for the job so I gave him the go ahead.  He thinks he can do all the work within a week working in the evenings or one day if he can find an open date.  As long as he completes tasks in a certain order and we don't have any long term outages, that will be fine with us.

It rained on and off all night and with the rising temperature today it was hot and muggy.  For a while there I thought we were back in Abidjan, Ivory Coast since it was so humid.  At least it has cooled down in the evening and we should have some good sleeping weather.

After the electrician left we decided to take a little ride around the area to geocache for a while.  The first cache was in a cemetery near an old "Meeting House" and it was placed in a neat spot.  We took some pictures of the area and thought we'd share the photos and narrative with you.  There are a number of families in the area that belong to this congregation but I don't know much about them. 


For almost a hundred years the Brethren in Christ worshipped in houses and barns. Then because larger and more convenient buildings were needed, they began to build what they called meeting houses, emphasizing that God's presence was in the meeting of his people, rather than in the building itself.
Built in 1871, the Ringgold Meeting House was one of the first of such buildings to be constructed. In the 1970's it was restored to its original interior arrangement with original furniture. The Ringgold Meeting House illustrates the historic emphasis of Brethren in Christ worship. The simple design of the building and furniture symbolizes the belief that God accepts us as we are and that there is beauty in simplicity. The seating arrangement facilitated the congregation's surrounding the Word. The unelevated preachers desk illustrated that all, even the leaders, are equal in God's sight. The arrangement for love feast (sleeping quarters upstairs and table and cooking facilities downstairs) are reminders that the Brethren in Christ emphasized Christian community.

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