Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Soccer and a 2bl header

The US women's soccer team played France in the Womens World Cup today and won 3-1.  This win puts them in the finals for the world cup against Japan who beat the Swedish team 3-1.  I enjoy watching the women play the game since they are so skillful and dedicated.  When they win the final game they will be World Champs once again.  They last won the title in 1999.

The electrician and his helper showed up today and finished everything except for one outlet and the external 50 amp circuit for the RV.  The helper had to dig a 75 ft trench to bury the electrical cable to the outside box.  The ground there is very hard, lots of rocks and roots and was a bear to dig.  Better him than me.  It should only take them about 3 hrs or less to finish up the job and things will be back to normal again.  Great.

About 6pm the tree cutter showed up with his trailer and commenced to cutting down the 90 ft hemlock tree that was dead.  Since it was so close to the cabin, it made me very nervous to watch him fall the tree.  He didn't top it or anything like that, just cut his notch and began on the other side of the tree.  He did have to use a number of wedges including a big wooden one to get the tree to fall.  When it went down it took a couple smaller trees with it and the trunk bucked back about 4 feet at the base.  If one of them would have been standing in the wrong spot, the trunk would have crushed their chest.  Tree cutting is one dangerous job and I don't have any plans to cut any in the near future.

The electrical box that supplies power to the RV finally gave out this evening as the electrician was getting ready to leave.  We finally ran the power cable through a kitchen window and connected to a new outlet and all is well so far.  Never a dull moment.

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