Monday, July 18, 2011

Hot Hot Hot

Whew, summer has arrived here on the mountain with a vengeance with very hot weather.  It has been cool in the evenings and nice sleeping weather up until today.  There isn't any breeze and it's in the mid 90s and stifling.  I know mid 90s doesn't sound bad to many people but when you are used to cooler weather it is very noticeable.

The electrician installed the outside 50amp service just in time and we have been running the a/c in the motor home all day and most likely all night.  They are forecasting very high temps for the next week or so and I have been watching our friends out in the midwest suffer through this for the past few days.  

At least it is better than what we had when I was a child.  One window fan in my parents room and temps above 100 were very common.  I slept on the 2nd floor and all the heat rose up during the day and night.  Many nights I would use the water hose to wet down the porch and then sleep out there.  Ah, the good old days.  NOT!

I hope you all stay as cool as possible for the hot spell and that it passes quickly.

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  1. After the July 4 weekend, things cooled down here in Silicon Valley, but yesterday it was back up around 90. Fortunately, we have grown used to heat in Arizona, but we prefer it with a humidity of about 3%! It's good weather for wine tasting, however, as the tasting rooms are cooled, and by the time we get done, we're feeling pretty cool ourselves!