Sunday, July 17, 2011

Poles and Trees

Sunday was a very busy day around the cabin for us and the workers.  Early in the morning Kenny showed up with the title to the Jeep truck sitting here next to the cabin and dropped it off for the tree cutter.  We swapped the Jeep for the cutting of one tree by the road.  Good deal for us.

A little while later the tree trimmer and his three boys showed up to work some more on cutting the trees.  The boys picked up all the limbs and loaded them on a trailer, plus some other wood that he wanted.  They then loaded the pickup truck with fireplace length oak wood and raked up the area where the limbs were.  They are hard working young men and worked steadily to finish up their jobs.

The father cut down another tree and dropped it across the road leading to the cabins behind us.  He then cut it into fireplace logs that I will split and use at the cabin.  There is still a very large oak treed that needs to be cut up into fireplace logs and haul away the branches from that tree.  It sure does open up the area around the cabin and motor home and will look a lot better when the job is finished.

The electrician came in the afternoon and finished hooking up the outside pole with 50 amp service and connected it to the service panel.  We tested it and then hooked the motor home up and turned on the a/c and the volts held up very high and steady.  It sure felt good to have the a/c working since it was very hot up here.  

The only tasks left are to wire one more outlet box in the living room and then have the inspection of the electrical work.  The inspector is schedule to be here at 8:00am on Wednesday.  Once it passes inspection they will send a work order to the power company to install the next electrical meter.

Gerry and I managed to install the new screen door on the porch and it sure looks a lot nicer than the old one we had there.  We have to install new screens on the porch and that job will be finished.  We also installed new window blinds in the bedroom and will have to find some new curtains to finish that job.

I sure hope we can finish all of this work before it is time to hookup the MH and hit the road again.  We do have more tasks to work on but I am not sure which ones we will tackle first.  Are we having fun yet?  

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  1. You better watch out or you'll be back to working full time and with no pay. Sounds like you're really spiffing it up. We definitely have to stop in and see you.