Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Electrical Work Finished

The electrician showed up this morning and finished his part of the job to connect the meter to the incoming power lines.  West Penn Power called and said they would be a hour or so late getting there due to a higher priority repair that came up this morning.  They did show up and connect the meter to the power line and all is well.  

This upgrade sure was a long process and took almost three weeks from start to finish.  At least it is finished and we can move on to our next project.

We have a screened porch and the screening has been torn, ripped, etc over the years and needs replaced.  I thought I'd just buy some screen wire and do the job myself since it shouldn't be that difficult.  On to the internet to check screen wire prices and what a shock that was.  It looks like I will have to buy a 100ft roll of wire at $125 to complete the job.  I never imagined it would cost that much for screen wire.  Whew!

Cassie, Jack & Lexa went to Illinois to visit with Cassie's cousins and uncle out there.  They will be gone a week or so and we have the honor of feeding & watering their three cats for that period.  One neighbor will be helping so it won't be an everyday trip down the mountain to take care of it.

Not much interesting going on around here lately.  At least the weather isn't so hot and we don't have the a/c on 24/7.  

Hope you all are enjoying the summer wherever you are.

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