Friday, July 22, 2011

Final Inspection

The electrical inspector came out this morning and checked over the new upgrades.  He seemed less than pleased with the work but could only find one minor problem which was easily fixed.  He thought the work should have been done another way in a couple cases but that is more a preference on his part rather than a failing of the our electrician.  

The power company representative came out and checked it over and they have scheduled the change over on Wednesday morning.  Then we should be finished with this project and start on a couple others in the job jar.  Never ending work around an old cabin, especially with an old man doing a lot of the work.  

I was editing some old pictures and ran across this one.  Gerry and I went to the 1957 Prom together and drove up to Springfield, IL for a dinner before the prom.  The Lake Club was a very high end restaurant on Lake Springfield and very special for it's day.  We kept the menu for a souvenir and I scanned it into the computer last summer.  Keep in mind that this is an upscale place for special events when you check the prices on the menu.  This is one page of the 6 page menu.  It's hard to believe that I had to work a long time time to be able to afford to take Gerry there.  She was/is worth it.

Check out the prices for the Griesedieck Bros beer.  

The Lake Club had somewhat of a checkered past and was supposed to be haunted.  The link below goes into some detail about the place.  It was very common in the 1950s for bars, restaurants, night clubs, etc to have illegal gambling rooms in the back and many had adult entertainment for the male patrons.  

Lake Club History

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