Monday, July 25, 2011

Another one bites the dust

The tree cutter came for the Jeep truck today all prepared with a car trailer and additional help.  The truck had sat so long that the right front brake had rusted to the point where the wheel wouldn't turn.  They jacked up the truck and removed the wheel and began to pound on the brake drum with a sledge hammer.  It took them 30 minutes of pounding and prying to get the drum off the truck.  After all that they put the wheel back on and were ready to go.  Not quite!  When they lowered it from the jack the truck rolled back into the woods.  Minor glitch.

The driver of the truck was a 6th grader who could barely see over the steering wheel.  That didn't give me a warm fuzzy feeling being that there just a small space to back the pickup truck in by our porch on the cabin.  He managed to get it in there with outside help from his father.  Interesting!!

Eventually that extracted the truck and pulled it out onto the road in front of the cabin.  Loading it on the car trailer wasn't a piece of cake but they finally were ready to roll.  He came up and thanked me for the business and said to call him again if I needed any more trees cut.  Gerry wanted to get a picture of the Jeep leaving the area and had to hustle down there to capture this final shot of the the Jeep.   Maybe one day we will see it being driven down the road by the 6th grader again, but I think he will be a lot older before they get it road ready.  Good luck guys.

Cassie, Jack & Lexa came over for a ham, continental potatoes and squash dinner and it was enjoyed by all.  I mixed up some margaritas and we made it into a little party.  Later we played the game of Catch Phrase for a couple hours.  Friends Gloria & Doug introduced us to the game last winter and it is a fun game.  Lexa especially enjoyed the game and didn't want to quit, but three of us were so tired she had to hang it up. 

A clarification on this posting.  The tree cutter came to take down some dead trees that were threatening to fall on the cabin.  While here he noticed the Jeep and was interested in acquiring it, so I traded him the Jeep for cutting down a large dead tree.

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  1. Catch Phrase! Hey, we have that game at home, didn't think to bring it with us this trip. Not quite sure about your post -- you said the kid and his father came to pick up the pickup, but said he hoped you'd call him again when you want more trees cut. I'll admit we haven't been with your blog very long, so maybe we missed something. At any rate, it was a good story and gave us a couple of chuckles.