Friday, July 15, 2011

MDFDB Celebration

Last night we went on our MDFDB celebration at the Ott House in Emmitsburg, MD.  It was an extremely busy Friday night there and we just managed to get a table.  Actually, the owner came out and took a reserved sign off a table so we could have that one.  I think Gerry charmed him into making the switch.  Good job Gerry.

The bar area was lined up two and three deep and every table was full.  They have live music there starting around 9:30pm and everyone wants to find a spot before they begin playing.  I will have to make a note of that before we schedule another gathering there on a Friday.

In case you are wondering what a MDFDB celebration is, you have to understand our family a bit.  We don't always celebrate special dates on the actual date since we are on the road so much.  This one was for Mother's Day, Father's Day and Jack's birthday which was on July 1.  If you remember, Jack had a hernia operation on his birthday so this was the first chance we had to have a dinner for him.

The tire from yesterday was not repairable and I purchased a new one for the car.  Ouch!  It seems that there is always something coming up to help us spend more money.

I may be setting up a Paypal account so you readers can feel free to send me money.  Most likely it would cost more to set up the account than I would collect so this will be put off into the future.  Maybe sooner than I think though, since if the Debt Limit isn't raised they may not be paying the Federal retirement checks at the end of the month.  Now that would be interesting.

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  1. Interesting, hell! It would be disastrous! Suzy and I would have to stay in one place until the checks start rolling again. Fortunately, Thousand Trails only costs us $2 a night!

    Clever way to celebrate several holidays at once.