Sunday, July 10, 2011

Electrician Showed up

The electrician showed up today and put in about 5 hours of work.  He got a lot accomplished and should finish up the work in two more work days/evenings.  We are looking forward to having adequate power to the RV so we can use a/c on these warm days.

Kenny & Peggy showed up today to retrieve their Jeep from the cabin.  Kenny bought it from Larry Jr. and intends to rebuild it and restore it back to new condition.  I think he has a lot of work ahead of hime since it is badly rusted and needs a ton of work on it.  The Jeep is a Scrambler Jeep and there weren't many of them produced so it could wind up being valuable if he restores it.

I managed to find a tree trimmer/cutter person today and he said he would come up and check out what work we need to be done.  There are a couple dead trees close to the cabin and also a couple live trees too close to the cabin and where we park the motorhome.  The dead trees have to go one way or the other.  

Man, this has been a fun summer so far.  I hope we can get through it before the money runs out.

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  1. Looks like you're getting into that communion money (but you didn't have one). Sure wish we were driving that way and got the chance to see all the improvements. You know, running around the cabin flushing the toilet and turning on all the lights.