Saturday, July 2, 2011

Plumbing & Trash

We've been having problems with the sewer drain at the cabin for the past year or so and had a plumber out at 8am this morning to fix the problem.  He installed an access pipe and rooter routed out the pipes.  It seems that a wash cloth or something was in the pipe and causing it to back up.  Also, the pipe is sloped ever so slightly the wrong way causing debris to sit in the pipe.  If this latest fix doesn't take care of it, then we will have to install a drain pipe above ground and run it under the cabin to the septic system.  There isn't much work space under the cabin and this method is used all the time. 

We moved into the automated stage for our new electronic trash can.  It uses three C batteries and has a "Toe Tap" bar to lift the lid.  Not the old fashion kind where you step on the bar to open the lid, but an honest to goodness bar that you tap with your toe.  I am not sure how we have survived all these years without one like this and look forward to having it a long time.  I think I will make this Gerry's Christmas gift for the upcoming year.  Yes, I do treat her very well, but she is worth it.  ( Just kidding girls about Xmas gift)

We have an appointment with an electrician to come out and give us an estimate on some much needed upgrade to the electrical box in the cabin and add an outside line to hook up the motor home with the proper sized wire.  We plan on having a camping type post installed with 50,30,20 amp receptacles next to the RV and the outside shed.   **** NOTE **** The electrician didn't make it today and says he will be here on Sunday before 2pm.  We will see if he makes it.  Any bets?

With all the work above completed we will have a full hookup with water, electric and sewer at the cabin.  This will be handy to have when we have company or when we arrive after a long trip and want to take our time unloading the RV.  

Yesterday was Jack's birthday and Cassie ordered up a hernia operation for him.  That is a present that I would never have dreamed getting for him.  How original.  Actually, Jack had the operation scheduled for the past few weeks and it just happened to fall on his birthday.  He came through it fine and after the operation they all went out to lunch and then back home.  He is one tough person or they have improved the operation 1000% since I had my double hernia operation 40 years ago.  He is doing fine and it will take a few weeks before he can go back to any heavy lifting.  Vacation time for him. 

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  1. You weren't kidding last night when you said you were having work done at the cabin. 8am, OMG. Way to early for visitors.