Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Doctors & Friends

When we came back from Costa Rica in 1992 we needed a new family Doctor and picked one close to our home.  We have been under his care since then and are very pleased with his knowledge and concern for his patients.  He keeps his practice small and when you come into his office he takes you at your scheduled time.  In addition, he calls you personally with your blood work or anything he finds out of the ordinary.  Gerry won't even consider switching to another doctor and we drive the 180 mile round trip down there to see him.

Today was the long trip down and we left in plenty of time but didn't plan on so many traffic delays due to construction.  We arrived a few minutes late, but not late enough to invoke the wrath of the good doctor.  It was a good visit for Gerry and she got very good results from some tests and such.  

While I was waiting for Gerry to finish her appointment, an old neighbor came into to see the doctor.  Kathy & Bob lived across the street from us for 34 years and are a great couple.  We chatted until Gerry came out and then it was Kathys turn to see the good doctor.  We drove through the neighborhood after that to see how it has changed.  Other than a few trees missing, it looks the same as we remember it.

We are always amazed to confront the horrendous traffic in that area.  It is non stop, fast and loaded with nasty drivers in a hurry to get somewhere.  It is nice to be out of that rat race and hard to believe we lived there so long.  Never again.

We met our old friends John & Diane for an early dinner and had a very nice visit.  We try to meet them when we are in the area and they also come up to our neck of the woods to join us for dinner.  We've know them since 1962 and John & I have co-owned season tickets to the Redskins since the late 60s.  We don't go anymore since I have left the area and John lets his children use them for the businesses.  Work for me.

We stopped at Costco for some stocking up shopping and arrived back at the cabin about sunset.  It was a long day and tired us out, but we only have to do it once again for one of my doctor visits.  

Now to schedule the dentist and other procedures up here for the next round of medical care.  These old bodies sure do require a lot of poking, twisting and shots now.  

Sorry for the long drawn out post and my rambling on.  Maybe something more interesting will be going on in the next week or so.  Gerry and I want to go to Pittsburgh and see the Pirates play this summer.  

Good night.

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