Friday, July 29, 2011

Hot day & lousy leadership

I knew that it wasn't a good thing to say the weather was nice and we didn't have to run the a/c 24/7.  We were sitting outside on the porch this morning having a 2nd cup of coffee and watching the deer in the meadow feed for an hour or so.  During that time the temp went up 10 degrees and it was very noticeable.  By 2pm it was up around 99 degrees and very hot.  Back to the a/c for us.

Yesterday we worked on removing some old firewood that had decayed and wasn't any good for anything.  We used the wheelbarrow to truck it back into our woods and dumped it on a pile.  It will decompose very quickly back there and save us hauling it out of here.  We have to make room for some new firewood from all the trees we had cut down.  It doesn't really make a lot of sense to split a lot of firewood since we try and get out of here long before we need the fire in the cabin.  At least we will have enough to last a while if we are late leaving.

Do you all think the politicians will cut a deal and avert a meltdown in the financial market?  It seems like they are all trying to get the best deal they can and something will be worked out.  I find it amusing that Harry Reid says they will vote no on the House version before he even knows what the final cut will be and then say the Republicans are holding up the works.  Typical politics as usual.  I am so sick of all of these people and don't have much confidence in their ability to get the U.S. back on track.  What a crew!!!!

We need some old fashioned people in there from the top down who know what needs to be done and get some bi-partisan cooperation going rather than how it's been the past few years.   Where are the Sam Rayburns, Douglas & Dirksen caliber people when you need them?  

Ok, that is my political rant and I won't say anymore. 

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