Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ooops and an estimate

The electrician showed up at 8am this morning and said he had a few last minute things to do before the inspector arrived.  Well, he had more than a few things to do and will have to come back this afternoon and finish them.  Master cutoff switch, electric meter and ground the box with two ground wires.

The inspector said he would come back on Thursday morning and give the final inspection.  It seems everything else was ok, but the above changes had to be made first.  Also, the power company will have to upgrade the wire coming into the cabin to take care of a 200amp circuit.  No telling when that will take place.  At least we have adequate power up here now and can wait for the final connection.

At least these last few weeks have shown me that I will never subcontract to build a home.  Too much trouble and the craftsmen spread themselves too thin and are always behind the eight ball.  I don't have the patience for that kind of c^%# anymore.  

Last April on the way back from Arizona we got caught in a hailstorm west of Junction, TX and the MH and car were damaged.  The MH was repaired in North Carolina while we were there but I didn't want to fool around with getting the car repaired since we needed the car.  I finally called the Insurance Co and the claims adjuster checked the car out and put the cost of repairs at $2500.  More than I thought, but I am not sure if it is worth it to repair the car since the hail dimples aren't that bad and the car is a 2006.  We will have to think this one over before we make any decisions.  The Ins Co was very prompt, courteous and said we would have the check in a couple days.  Great.

Fellow blogger had an interesting blog yesterday.  It seems Angels are following him around.  No, he isn't crazy, check out his blog.

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