Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Free Cherry Pie

No, it isn't a Washington Birthday special, just the free pie Wednesday at the Village Inn here in Tucson.  They give free pie slices away with a purchase on Wed from 10am to closing.  I really am addicted to the cherry pie and always order it as my reward.  We bring the pie home with us and then see how long we can resist finishing it off.  Last night was not a record for waiting.

I prefer a table so they usually put us in a section with a waitress we are familar with.  Last night they much have been short a waitress or two since ours had about 10 tables to wait on and she was running around like a chicken with it's head cut off.  She is very efficient and good, so service was fine, but I bet she was worn out at the end of her shift.

Earlier we went shopping for a housecoat for me to use while I am in the hospital along with some other required items.  Have any of your bought a robe lately?  Like everything else they have really gone up in price.  I wish I had brought my robe from the cabin, but in the hurry to get out of there it was left behind.

We also stopped by Med Tech to see what some other recommended items are going to cost.  Whew!  Ka ching, ka ching.  I am going to wait and see what I really need before buying out the store, so that will be a task for Gerry to perform one day while I am still in the hospital.  Then the question becomes, what good are these things after all the PT is over and I am well again?   If I get the other knee replaced soon, then I will be set for that, so we will have to find someplace to store all this stuff in the motorhome.  Easier said than done.

Cassie called last night and we setup a video chat with her which last about an hour after talking to her for 30 minutes.  It was good seeing her nice smile and catching up on events in her life.  It was after 12:30 AM when we got off the video chat with her.  It was time for her to fix Jack's lunch since he would be leaving in an hour or two for work.  I think someone is a night owl.

By the time we got off the computer with her it was too late to even think about a blog.  I am still dating this one as Wednesday just to keep it in order.

After reading Jerry's reply in the comment section about his day, I don't think I will ask "how was your day" for a while.  

Have a nice day.      


  1. Is your cherry pie in once piece. They keep giving me broken up piece.

  2. Our closest free pie is 25 miles away in Titusville.